My First Refine Class!

30 Jun

I took my first Refine Method class yesterday.  I had very little idea of what to expect.  I just had a feeling it would be hard.  Very hard.  Hard was in fact an understatement.

We started out on the foam roller.  I’ve had a love/hate relationship with foam rolling since a bout with runner’s knee about a year and a half ago.  However, I’ve been running a lot lately and realize how crucial foam rolling it to prevent injury.  Hurts so good, right?  As ugly as I’m sure the grimace on my face was during this segment, I really appreciate that Refine understands how important foam rolling is and incorporates it into their classes.

We then started the circuits which we repeated 3 times.  Holy hell.  I don’t know if I can remember every exercise we did, since I think my mind has blacked some of it out as a preservation strategy, so I’ll do it again and not remember how much it hurt.  Like with childbirth.  We started with jumping jacks.  We quickly moved to side lunges with a kettle bell (which I’ve never used before), squat jumps, pushups and planks, lat pull downs, mountain climbers, side squats, an exercise for the butt that I loved but didn’t learn the name of, and a tricep exercise at the pulley system, followed by more jumping jacks and high knees. 

I thought I was in good shape.  I know I’m in good shape.  But good lord that was hard.  My muscles were shaking, I was dripping with sweat, and I was a little concerned as to how I was going to make it down the subways stairs without falling.  Not to mention it was 98 degrees yesterday so walking out of the studio into that was less than pleasant.  As tired as I was though, I also felt energized and happy.

Regardless, as soon as I got home, I purchased the 8 class introductory package. As hard as the class was, as much as I wanted it to end while I was doing it, I really liked it.  I think that it’s an excellent compliment to running and may even help prevent injury and better my times.  I was doing physique 57 for a while, and I still enjoy the classes, but the theory behind Refine just makes more sense to me.  I love that the workout constantly changed throughout the class.  I also love that the ab work did not involve crunches, since they kill my neck.

The first Refine class is complimentary and I’d recommend anyone give it a try.  It’s hard, it hurts, halfway through you’ll wonder why the hell you came, but you’ll feel so incredible after you’ll wonder why it took so long for you to come.


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